BLITT Bridging course is ready to begin

Sep, 2022

DOMSPAIN and TU-Dublin finished the development and are ready to begin with the delivery of the Bridging course.

The course will have a duration of 6 weeks and 15 experienced trainers will follow it. Partners are very enthusiastic and positive about its success.

The Bridging course participants will

  • learn about the QBL project and its results (finalised in 2019) and have the understanding and ability to use the BL Handbook and the BL Gym (outputs of the QBL project)
  • have the understanding of what a blended learning course looks like.
  • have an understanding of the pedagogical issues that need to be addressed when developing a new delivery format for a course.
  • have the understanding of basic steps to take to break a face-to-face course into a blended version of the same course.

The next steps after the course’s conclusion are the development of a Transformation Plan and of Case Studies to implement with adult learners.


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