MAY 2023: LTTA in Piraeus, Greece

Jun, 2023

At the end of May 2023, BLITT partners organized a 3-day training activity for adult trainers/teachers ✏️ hosted by IDEC in Piraeus, Greece.

The aim of the training was the improvement of blended learning initiatives in education📝. Participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and good practices towards different methods of blended learning, thus enhancing their knowledge ✒️ and  digital competences.

The 1st  day of the training was designated for ice-breaking activities👤, while the 2nd and 3rd day were focused on discussing different 🔍 case studies, real life scenarios faced by our participants during their blended activities. Participants indicated different online tools, platforms or educational approaches in order to overpass their difficulties.

Blitt became even a board game. Partners prepared the Blitt game, based on real difficulties faced by trainers, during their blended lessons. Red cards indicated the obstacles of blended learning and blue cards provided digital solutions. The activity was very engaging and fun!

✊ It was an exciting time for all trainers to enhance their teaching methods!


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