Multiplier event in Cyprus

Apr, 2024

Emphasys organised organized two parts face-to-face of the multiplier event in Nicosia and Limassol, Cyprus.

The first part of the Multiplier Event for the BLITT project was organised on the 14th of February in Cyprus at TESEK Limassol. In the national school curricula of Cyprus, the 14th of February 2024 is celebrated as a National Teacher Day in schools, adult centers etc. where teachers and professionals spend the day on different trainings, seminars, workshops etc. This year the Technical and Vocational School of Limassol (TESEK) invited Emphasys for a workshop with the topic of ‘Digitalisation of training materials due to Covid-19’.

During the event, 23 participants in total attended the event from different adult centers, VET institutions, and private organisations. The second part of the Multiplier Event for the BLITT project was organised on the 29th of February in Cyprus at Lythrodontas Community Center. Xylofagou Community Center is in a rural area where several adult educators and trainers had a community center to organise workshops, events, seminars, trainings etc. for adults and more specifically for trainers, professionals etc.

During the event, 33 participants in total – members of the target group such as teachers, adult trainers, professionals, VET teachers and trainers etc. attended, who had shown interest in the results and activities that were conducted throughout the project.


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