Multiplier event in Greece

Apr, 2024

On April 25th 2024, the BLITT Project’s Multiplier Event took place at the “Titania” Hotel in Athens, Greece, orchestrated by IDEC SA. The gathering brought together a total of 59 educators, including teachers and other professionals in the educational field, all eager to explore the latest trends in blended learning. 

The event kicked off with a warm welcome and a comprehensive presentation of the BLITT project by Ms. Dimitra Karatasouli, Project Manager at IDEC S.A. Her introductory session laid the groundwork for the day’s discussions, offering a snapshot of the project’s goals and the significance of blended learning in modern education.

Following the opening remarks, the spotlight turned to Ms. Jean Glover, an adult educator with a deep understanding of blended learning methodologies. Jean’s speech was not only informative but also interactive, encouraging audience participation. She transitioned seamlessly from theory to practice, engaging attendees in a lively hands-on group activity designed to showcase the power of blended and station learning. Participants had the opportunity to collaborate, share ideas and apply new concepts in real-time, illustrating the practical impact of blended and station learning.

At last, a dynamic discussion unfolded, providing a platform for attendees to share their own experiences with blended learning. This open forum fostered a sense of community and allowed participants to exchange insights, challenges, and innovative ideas related to the topics discussed throughout the day. To ensure the event’s effectiveness and gather feedback for future improvement, IDEC distributed evaluation questionnaires to all participants. Overall, the Multiplier Event was a successful convergence of knowledge, collaboration, and hands-on learning, leaving attendees inspired and eager to implement new blended learning strategies in their educational practices.


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