Multiplier event in Ireland

Apr, 2024

This event was an engaging exploration of the myriad ways in which Blended Learning can transform teaching methods based in the outputs of BLITT.

In total we hosted 30 people:

– 29 local participants (non-TU Dublin)
– 1 foreigner

Through 3 different talks and an interactive activity we could present the following:

• an overview of the project by Mariana Rocha’s presentation.
• the training course designed by Damian Gordon; the online version of the training course designed by Maíra Amaral and Anna Becevel.
• and a gamified activity based in the Blend Master, the board game designed by Mariana Rocha.

In the end of the event, light refreshments were provided, and we could have a networking alongside the participants.

The Multiplier Event was very engaging and valuable for all who were involved. We could realise how useful all the outputs are and how people got excited mainly with the board game and the online platform. In an organiser point of view, it was very inspiring looking at all the participants engaged, talking and interacting with the activities and talks. The feedback was very positive, reflecting the quality of our work.


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