Piloting workshop in Ireland

Nov, 2023

The workshop took place on the 23rd of November at 11.15 am at the School of Computer Science at Technological University Dublin. We counted with 17 participants mostly Lecturers from the School of Computer Science and some PhD students also from the school. Between the participants, 15 were on-site and two of them were online.

“Real-world Blended Learning: Staff Experiences and Best Practices”
During this workshop, two of our staff members will share their experiences in the Blended Learning International (BLITT) project.

  • Online forums for an engaging learning
    In this short seminar, Dr. Luis Miralles will talk about his experience with Blended Learning.
    He’ll share how he uses forums, discussion groups, and video tutorials to make learning
    more fun and interesting for students. The main idea is to make these tools helpful for
    learning while also keeping students engaged and enjoying the process.
  • Introduction to creative coding with Python
    In this session, Dr. Bryan Duggan will demonstrate how to use code and Maths to generate
    graphics and sound.

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