Piloting workshop in Slovenia

Aug, 2023

The pilot testing was carried out on 31 August 2023 at the premises of the UPI – People’s University of Žalec. In order to accommodate the availability of our external collaborators as much as possible, we organised it in the afternoon. Our external colleagues – teachers – took part in the pilot testing. In total, 11 participants took part in the pilot testing.

The majority of them were teachers in non-formal education (languages, computing), but there were also a few teachers in formal education (adult primary school, secondary school programmes).

The pilot workshop started with an introductory welcome by the Director and a presentation of the
BLITT project by the coordinator Tina Baloh. Then Biserka Neuholt Hlastec talked about blended
learning, building on the basics that the pilot workshop participants already knew.

At the heart of the pilot workshop was an innovative pedagogical workshop with Natasha White
and Gaja Sofija Intihar. It focused on practical work, cooperation and group problem-solving. We
started with an ice breaker and continued with concrete practical examples where participants
worked together to find solutions.


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